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Maria, 21
Maria, 21
Wants to lose weight and feel happier

Reached her goal with YAZIO:

Lost 20 lbs sustainably in 6 months

YAZIO is super simple to use and extremely easy to handle. Plus, YAZIO has a huge database of foods. And if the food isn’t there yet, you can simply add it. With that, YAZIO makes counting my calories a breeze. Finally, no more annoying calculating. YAZIO does everything for me!

Daniel, 36
Daniel, 36
Wants to track his daily carb intake

Reached his goal with YAZIO:

Got a feel for his daily nutrition intake

With YAZIO I’ve finally got to know my eating habits. I was amazed at how many calories, carbohydrates and fats I was consuming every day. With YAZIO, I have a much better view of the calories and nutrients, and can be more conscious of what I’m eating. With the daily entry of sports and body weight, I can also document my progress really well!

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Food Diary App

With our Food Diary app for Android and iPhone, you can easily document and analyze your diet and eating habits for free. Simply enter your daily food, meal and drink consumptions into your online diary and we’ll do the rest. By keeping track of the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you’re taking in daily, our Android and iPhone app helps you compare your personal energy needs with what you’re actually consuming. So, whether you’re looking to lose, gain or even maintain weight, our food diary will help you every step of the way.

What can our food diary app do?

The YAZIO food diary app for Android and iPhone documents your daily food consumption. This way, keeping track of your calorie count is a breeze. Not only will our free, online diary app simply keep track of your daily habits, but the analysis information it provides is essential for meeting your weight goals. Sven David Mueller, a state-approved dietician from the German Diabetes Association agrees. “Only those who know what and how much their eating can analyze and change their eating habits. Before, food diaries or logs had to be painstakingly evaluated by hand, in order to understand eating and drinking habits, and to see possible calorie problems. With YAZIO, anyone can easily understand and evaluate their eating habits.”

Thousands of foods

With YAZIO, you can choose thousands of foods from our calorie table or add your own. The online food diary allows you to input the exact amount of foods and drinks into your log and order them based on the time of day. Plus, the favorites and notes features make using the food diary fast and easy. These features allow you to quickly access and add commonly used foods or recipes, and to make note of any characteristics or specialties of both your diet and your physical wellbeing.

According to Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society, it’s especially important to describe each bite and food item as accurately as possible and to log everything. “Anyone who accurately reads and analyzes the food diary, particularly with the help of a nutritionist, can identify their weaknesses,” she said. With the free, online food diary app from YAZIO, you can also easily log your food consumptions on the go.

Start living healthier

In general, you should avoid any type of crash diet or rapid change in your dietary habits. It’s better to slowly acquire a balanced diet and healthier lifestyle. We’re here to help you do just that. Diet programs tend to put the body under a high amount of stress, as hunger and satiation are not in harmony. Diets therefore serve only as an entry point. Our free app, on the other hand, will help you achieve a complete diet and lifestyle change, ultimately helping you to achieve your weight goals.

By healthy lifestyle, we’re not just referring to a balanced diet. Adequate exercise and sports are also essential. The more calories your burning through sports and activities, the better the energy balance is. In addition to your daily food consumption, our food diary also keeps track of your daily activities and provides you with graphical analysis. Whether you’re jogging, playing football, swimming, or even strength training, we’ll show you your accomplishments and burned calories in an easy to read graph. If you’re looking to slim down, this sufficient movement is vital. A combination of aerobics and strength training can especially stimulate fat burning, and help you trim down. Sufficient recovery phases between workouts are also essential.

How the app can help you lose weight

Daily use of a food diary can help increase and sustain weight loss in a healthy manner. Continuous use will lead to healthy eating habit changes right before your eyes, making you hyper aware of your own diet. “A nutrition log is both in the practice of nutritional advice and in scientific research an important and meaningful tool for the detection of individual eating habits,” said Anika Brieske, assistant department head for nutrition at the German University for Prevention and Health Management.

Those who invest long-term in a calorie diary account for significantly higher and much more sustainable weight loss. Studies show that people who keep a food diary lose, on average, more weight than those who don’t. According to Sven David Mueller, a state-approved dietician from the German Diabetes Association, “those who keep a food diary lose weight quickly and change their eating habits permanently. That’s what I experienced with over 20,000 patients at the University Hospital Aachen.”

Understanding your habits

When keeping a weight loss diary, Ecotrophologist Anika Brieske said it’s essential that the eating habits are not changed, meaning the usual meals and serving sizes are consumed. “Those who record different and healthier foods than usual out of sheer bad conscience are only hurting themselves. By doing this, the veracity of the nutrition log suffers greatly, which can detract from the chances of successfully and significantly building on the nutrition plan,” she said.

Using our food diary to consistently document your particular diet can help you to better understanding your body and individual eating habits. According to diet expert Ulrike Zielke, “this mean, above all, to write in literally everything. It’s precisely when we ‘sin,’ so eating more sweets, salty or greasy food, that we see very specific situations or emotions that trigger these cravings.” Zielke continued to emphasize that “afterwards, at any time, one can read in black and white what caused them to resort to chocolate bars, Burger & Co. – and, in best case scenarios, find alternative behaviors against these actions.”

Analysis and evaluation

Our online food diary works to compare your recorded daily energy intake against your basic energy needs. This is based on how the body both stores and burns energy reserves. This also takes into account your daily sports and exercises, including both professional activity from the workplace and extra-curricular activities, like sports. Movement from work and activities increases your daily energy needs, and the inclusion of such factors into the food diary helps to improve your daily energy balance.

Through our free food diary app, you can then see detailed, graphical reports on your energy balance. In addition, you will see the distribution of nutritional values and calories from the meals recorded. With this, you can see specifics about your daily consumption, including the time frame of these eating habits, allowing you to better understand your energy balance. This will help to identify and target weaknesses in your diet early on, and help to establish countermeasures.

Identifying food allergies

In addition to understanding your eating habits, a food diary can also help your doctor to identify possible food allergies you may have. Biochemist and food allergy expert, Dr. Alber Missbichler, is convinced “that in many cases of food intolerances, the conscious management through a nutritional diary can put the doctor on the correct path to diagnosis. Unfortunately, it’s often that food allergies are not individual, but rather occur together in varying degrees, further complicating the diagnosis process.”