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Maria, 21
Maria, 21
Wants to lose weight and feel happier

Reached her goal with YAZIO:

Lost 20 lbs sustainably in 6 months

YAZIO is super simple to use and extremely easy to handle. Plus, YAZIO has a huge database of foods. And if the food isn’t there yet, you can simply add it. With that, YAZIO makes counting my calories a breeze. Finally, no more annoying calculating. YAZIO does everything for me!

Daniel, 36
Daniel, 36
Wants to track his daily carb intake

Reached his goal with YAZIO:

Got a feel for his daily nutrition intake

With YAZIO I’ve finally got to know my eating habits. I was amazed at how many calories, carbohydrates and fats I was consuming every day. With YAZIO, I have a much better view of the calories and nutrients, and can be more conscious of what I’m eating. With the daily entry of sports and body weight, I can also document my progress really well!

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What is YAZIO?

You know eating healthy food is important, but trying to do it all the time can get overwhelming. How many calories do you need per day versus what’s in your diet now? When do you use more energy than you consume, and how do you know if you’re burning your spare tire instead of feeding it? YAZIO calculates the data for you, displaying a simple readout of how you’re doing throughout each day. And with the Android and iOS app, it’s easy to use on-the-go. As you track your meals and activity, patterns will emerge to help you identify which aspects of your lifestyle can (or need to) change.

Improve Your Habits, Improve Your Life

A nutrition database at its core, YAZIO is a tool to not only hone your body but sharpen your mind. That sounds too good to be true – until you consider the brainpower you can get from a balanced diet and the willpower you can unlock by tracking results. Seeing what you eat and how your work out affects your weight (and your mood!) will reinforce good habits, helping you to restructure your routine a little bit at a time to develop a healthier, happier life.

A website that empowers with personal data

YAZIO is a research aid to use on the path toward optimal health. However our website offers so much more than calorie charts and nutritional labels to support you and your personal goals. Here you’ll find healthy recipes for mouthwatering meals, diet plans that have been put to the test, and motivational, practical tips to set you on the path to a healthier you. And our team is constantly developing new ways to empower you as you work toward your goal weight.

How can YAZIO improve my health?

With mindfulness and accountability, YOU can make yourself healthier using YAZIO. The first step – remembering to check in with us daily – sounds simple, but be patient. Turning off autopilot when it comes to food and fitness will take a few weeks (or months). That’s where mindfulness comes in, bringing your health to the forefront of your consciousness on a regular basis. When you’re aware of what you’re eating, you have the information on hand to know how to steer yourself in a healthier direction. That kind of accountability functions as a reminder that your long-term plan is more important than your short-term cravings.

YAZIO fits your personal goals

At YAZIO, we understand that everyone’s healthy life looks a little bit different, and our nutritional database and app are designed to help you get wherever you’re going. A lot of calorie counters track food intake to lose weight, but YAZIO can also help you maintain your lifestyle, increase activity level, or gain weight. Marathon runners will want to make sure they properly fuel before, during, and after a race. But bodybuilders could use the YAZIO food tracker to bulk up during heavy strength training, then cut calories to lower body fat percentage and show those muscle gains. No matter where you’re starting from, we’ll help you see a clear picture of your healthy (and unhealthy) habits.

Healthy eating hits the road

It’s hard enough to develop healthy eating habits at home, let alone when you’re pressed for time. But since the YAZIO smartphone app was developed for Android and iOS, you can track nutrition at the table, whether you’re eating at a restaurant, at work, or at home. An easily accessible calorie calculator helps you to make better choices that work with your life, and there’s no need to follow a restrictive diet or make extreme changes. There’s only one simple habit to focus on developing: checking into YAZIO on a daily basis.

Having our food database in your pocket will enable you to check the calories and nutritional content for thousands of foods wherever you’re grabbing a quick meal or healthy snack. It won’t slow down your fast food to take a minute and check that a Big Mac doesn’t fit your health goals, whereas a grilled chicken sandwich will have lower fat and calories. As for that tantalizing apple pie, YAZIO will let you know whether or not you’ve performed enough fitness activity to indulge in that guilt-free.

Know on-the-go if you’re gaining or losing weight

Calorie counting is a safe, effective way to get in shape – plus this healthy weight loss method is scientifically proven and has been tested by millions of users. YAZIO supports your balanced diet, regardless of what that means for you. The app lets you adjust your healthy eating and fitness goals to suit your needs. If you are counting calories to lose excess body fat, YAZIO is there for you in the grocery store as you plan meals. And if you are trying to gain muscle mass by eating extra calories, YAZIO is right there with you in the gym.

No matter how fast you move throughout the day to tackle your to-do list, you can lose weight fast, too. The free YAZIO app allows you to check into your food journal from anywhere you have an internet-connected device. With no math required on your part, you can visualize progress with charts and summaries of your daily nutrition. In other words, YAZIO lets you know if you’ve been eating too much or too little.

Food and fitness app on Android and iOS

When you use the YAZIO app to increase awareness of your diet and activity level, you will lose weight fast. And, you’ll feel better by knowing that you’re using a self, scientifically proven method – not relying on crash diets or restrictive eating. Download our food and fitness tracker app for Apple and Android devices, and you’ll soon be using YAZIO as a productive way to pass the time. Log food and exercise in transit, while waiting for a meeting, or at the table as a way to indulge your gadget addiction while practicing mindful eating.

Not sure if you’re making smart diet decisions? Pull up the YAZIO app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and you can quickly check the calories, fat content, and other nutritional info of the foods you want to eat. It takes seconds to scan the barcode on a package of food, or look for the details about common restaurant items. If you’re cooking or baking a recipe from scratch, you can also use the app to calculate the nutritional value of exactly what you’re making – figuring out the right portion size before you’re way too full. With YAZIO on your smartphone, you can make healthy eating choices anywhere you are. All you have to do is remember YAZIO!

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