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About BMI

What is BMI?

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a measurement that assesses your body weight relative to your height. The BMI measurement can be used for any age, from babies and children to teens and adults. Such a measurement, which classifies individuals as underweight, normal weight or overweight, can be used to determine if someone is an inappropriate or unhealthy weight... Continue reading

Interpreting BMI

Properly classifying BMI

So, how does one actually sort through and understand the calculated values from the YAZIO BMI calculator? Depending on your gender, age and other varying factors, your BMI is categorized as either underweight, normal, overweight or even obese (excess weight). In addition to your current measured body value, our online BMI calculator also indicates... Continue reading

Criticism of BMI

Is a BMI calculator still relevant?

Criticism of BMI calculators is increasingly present. Such criticism stems from the fundamental question of whether or not a simple BMI value higher than 24 can immediately indicate potential medical problems. Rather, critics are wanting to focus more and more frequently on the complete composition of an individual's weight. This is... Continue reading