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About Us

Who are we?

Behind the YAZIO app, you’ll find our motivated and enthusiastic team. We truly believe in the transformative power of healthy eating. With YAZIO, we're helping people live healthier lives through better nutrition.

Our Values

Sense of Responsibility
At YAZIO, every team member is important and they know it! We can only achieve our goals if everyone works together.
Aspiration for Excellence
We want to create the best nutrition app in the world! We won't settle for anything less.
Focus & Efficiency
We believe in focus, efficiency and continuity. It's a marathon, not a sprint!
Proactive and transparent communication are crucial for us. Strong written communication runs in our blood!
Structure & Consistency
Structured and consistent thinking, conduct and action are essential for us.
Everyone in our team should feel comfortable and valued! We support each other and place great value on treating each other with respect.

Your Benefits

We offer a remote-first culture with team members spread out across Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the U.K. You’ll be able to enjoy the flexibility of working from home while still feeling connected to the team.
Coworking Space
We believe in the importance of having an efficient workspace. That's why we make a coworking space (or something similar) available to you.
No Overtime
We try to avoid overtime. If it does happen, you will receive credit for the additional hours worked.
Hardware (laptop & smartphone) of your choice will be made available to you.
Further Development
In addition to an attractive salary, we also make a learning budget available so you can continue to learn and develop personally and professionally.
Team Events
Hiking through the mountains or a cooking event via Zoom? At YAZIO, you can look forward to exciting retreats and online team events each year!

Sound good?

Do you identify with our core values and want to become a part of our team? Take a look at our available positions!

Our Candidate Experience

First Interview
You'll have a Zoom call with our HR manager (max. 30 min).
Sample Work
Dependent on the position, we'll have you complete a small test assignment.
Second Interview
You'll talk with our team lead and/or management (max. 60 min).
Trial Day
You'll spend the entire day with us, getting to know your future team members and responsibilities.
Job Offer
If all goes well, we'll be happy to invite you to join our team!

Application FAQ

  • You can find all open positions on our Jobs Page.
  • You can upload your CV, cover letter, other necessary documents and even an intro video. Feel free to send your intro video via WeTransfer.
  • Once you've submitted your application, you should receive an automatic confirmation.
  • We will then screen your application and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Please avoid sending your application via e-mail and, instead, apply directly through our Jobs Page. This is the best option for everyone!
  • Ensure that your CV and, above all, your cover letter are perfectly tailored to the position you're applying for.
  • Let us know why you want to work for YAZIO and what appeals to you most about the respective position.
  • We would particularly love to see an introduction video of you telling us about your hobbies and interests. It's not a must, but definitely a plus!
  • Since we are a remote-first company, the initial job training generally takes place remotely from where you will be regularly working.
  • You will have two regular contacts at YAZIO: Your team lead, who will support and train you regarding all departmental matters, and a people manager, who will be available to answer all of your personnel-related questions.
  • To work at YAZIO, you must be located in Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal or the U.K.
  • Our remote-first approach provides the flexibility for you to work from home, a co-working space or other locations within your country of employment.
  • It is also possible to work from abroad for a limited period of time, with the exact number of days depending on your destination.
  • While we allow you to establish your own routines and structures, we ultimately value a professional and stable work environment. This means constant travel or a digital nomad lifestyle does not fit with our corporate culture.
  • We utilize various tools to ensure work and communication are efficient and pleasant.
  • Our most important communication tool is Slack. In addition, we also use Zoom for video calls and Trello for project management.
  • Proactive, written communication is extremely important when working remotely. This is the only way to ensure a smooth work process.
  • Our entire team comes together once a year for an exclusive 4-day team event. We travel to a select location and take part in exciting and relaxing activities like outdoor cooking, yoga, hiking and much more!
  • In addition, sub-teams have the opportunity to plan and conduct their own small offsite events. We also offer fun remote team activities, like cooking courses via Zoom.
  • We've also implemented "Donut Dates". Every two weeks, team members are randomly paired up to enjoy a virtual coffee date and get to know each other better. Donuts (or perhaps something healthier) are optional. 😉
  • We also offer virtual lunches and off-topic Slack channels, like movie and podcast recommendations.
  • Team atmosphere is everything: We constantly support each other and are working towards a common goal—to become the most popular and best nutrition app in the world!
  • At YAZIO, you'll have plenty of flexibility: Not only can you decide where you work from, you can also decide when. Our core hours are only from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily!
  • With us, you can make a difference: Since we're a small team, every single person matters and you'll be able to make essential contributions to an exciting project for millions of users!
  • Salary is dependent on several factors, including the position being filled and the applicant's experience.
  • Since we like to first take the time to get to know applicants and learn more about their skills and expertise, we do not discuss salary at the beginning of the application process.
  • We believe there are plenty of other factors that should play a role apart from salary. For example, it's important that you can identify with YAZIO and enjoy the daily tasks and activities you'll be responsible for. Nevertheless, we ensure a fair salary and regular pay raises based on job performance.

Our Open Positions
Our Open Positions