Dennis’ Success Story

Dennis lost 110 lb with YAZIO
-111 lb

If you want to accomplish something, then you will accomplish it, regardless of how bumpy the road is. I always told myself: I can't go back and start from the beginning, but I can start today and follow a new path!

Dennis, 25
Goal: Lose Weight

287 lb


176 lb


6 ft 2 in


What do you find most difficult about reaching your goal?

Giving up my favorite food

Incorporating exercise into my daily routine

Feeling like I can't indulge anymore

Staying motivated when progress slows

Keeping an eye on my calories and nutrients


Why did you want to lose weight?

It all started when my 4-year relationship fell apart. Because of that, I wanted to do some retail therapy. Unfortunately, that's when I realized that in all of the stores for people my age, not even the largest size (2XL) fit properly, and that at just 20 years old.

For me, that was the trigger to change something.

What did you want to accomplish on your journey?

Firstly, my goal was to fit into a size large again and to start living healthier through nutrition habits and exercise. At that time, I was eating way too many calories each day and was already out of breath after walking up just one flight of stairs!

"Stay strong, it's worth it to keep going!"

I wanted to accomplish these goals by the time I started my round-the-world trip and, ultimately, I did. After that, I went from a normal stature to looking more and more athletic and sportier, thanks to a self-developed nutrition and training plan, until I got below 10% body fat by June 2018. To compare: I was almost at 31% when I started.

How did you reach your goals?

My weight loss as well as building muscle was a pretty long process. In the first year, I completely gave up carbohydrates and did daily exercises using my own body weight.

Dennis’ Tips

Stay strong
Just get started
Don't lose sight of your goal
Use old pictures to motivate yourself

The next year, I followed a low-carb diet, did a lot of endurance training and continued to do bodyweight exercises.

The following 2 years, I was traveling the world and I made sure to eat a balanced diet, and was always on the move with my backpack and surfboard.

At the moment, I'm doing intermittent fasting and use YAZIO to count my calories and always have an overview. I also do strength training with weights.

How did YAZIO help you?

YAZIO is a big support system for me since I can so easily count and control my calorie intake, and stay in a calorie deficit. Plus, the community is really great and a big motivation to keep going and working on myself.

Dennis’ Favorite Recipes

Salmon Salad with Cucumber & Avocado
Salmon Salad with Cucumber & Avocado
Banana Bread
Banana Bread
Egg-Stuffed Bread Bowls
Egg-Stuffed Bread Bowls
Savory Zucchini & Bell Pepper Muffins
Savory Zucchini & Bell Pepper Muffins

Did you have setbacks?

Luckily, I didn't have any really big setbacks, but I did have times when I was in a bad mood and binge ate. When that happened, I would look at old photos of myself and that helped me to motivate myself. There were plenty of times that I looked in the mirror and wanted to change because I just wasn't happy anymore.

If you want to accomplish something, then you will accomplish it, regardless of how bumpy the road is. As long as you always believe in yourself and keep going, you can be really proud of yourself in the end.

The biggest motivation for me was, firstly, to see myself succeed, but also the people that always tried to convince me that I couldn't do it.

What advice do you have for other users?

My motto and also my tip to others is: Stay strong! If you really want it, you can do it. I always told myself: I can't go back and start from the beginning, but I can start today and follow a new path!

What are your future goals?

I want to enjoy every day, live healthily, be excited about life and continue with my training. Neverthless, I want to stay the person that I've always been- whether I have more or less weight. I've just moved to a new city, started new studies, am getting to know new people and am starting a new life, so to speak.

Why do you want to tell your story?

At that time, I was motivated by a big success story and this was one of the reason that I even started at all. It really motivated me to see that others, who were going through a hard time, could do it, too.

When I was lacking motivation, didn't feel like exercising or had cravings for something sweet, these kinds of stories helped keep me on track and made me strong. That's exactly what I want to do for all of those working so hard and all I can say is: Stay strong, it's worth it to keep going!

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