Asia’s Success Story

Asia lost 29 lb with YAZIO
-29 lb

At some point, I opened my eyes and saw in that mirror a person I didn't want to be. I wondered how I had gotten there, how I had reached the point that I would stay home because there were no clothes that really suited me.

Asia, 23
Goal: Lose Weight

168 lb


139 lb


5 ft 8 in

What do you find most difficult about reaching your goal?

Giving up my favorite food

Incorporating exercise into my daily routine

Feeling like I can't indulge anymore

Staying motivated when progress slows

Keeping an eye on my calories and nutrients


Why did you want to lose weight?

I started gaining weight a few years ago. Some circumstances led me to gain more than 22 lb. I looked in the mirror and saw myself changing, but I did absolutely nothing about it. I almost thought it was natural to gain weight after adolescence. It was as if I ignored what was happening.

"Simple, yet effective: Never give up!"

At some point, I opened my eyes and saw in that mirror a person I didn't want to be. I wondered how I had gotten there, how I had reached the point that I would stay home because there were no clothes that really suited me.

How had I gotten to the point that I struggled to climb a flight of stairs? Obviously it was my fault, so I rolled up my sleeves and started looking for something that would help me achieve my goal. I ended up finding YAZIO.

What did you want to accomplish on your journey?

The goal I set was to lose weight. I wanted to be able to wear what I wanted. I didn’t want to be embarrassed when I got dressed up. I wanted to look in the mirror and like myself.

How did you reach your goals?

At the beginning, when I first found YAZIO, I didn't really understand it. But then, out of curiosity, I joined the Facebook group, which helped me discover the world behind this app. I started researching, getting more interested in nutrition and its mechanisms.

Asia’s Tips

Don’t run. Instead, set small, achievable goals that will slowly bring you closer to your main goal
Don't underestimate yourself. Everyone can do it, but only under one condition: Only if you really want it
Research, be aware of the path you’ll be facing. If you understand how things work, it will be easier

I started experimenting and the results came and were very satisfying. The strategy I used was very simple: No unstructured diets; only a healthy, rich and varied diet. Lots of vegetables, fruit, legumes, cereals, white and red meats, fish, dairy products, etc. The advantage of YAZIO is that I wasn’t excluding anything! I could eat what I wanted, obviously in the right quantity.

How did YAZIO help you?

YAZIO has been a faithful companion on my journey. It has helped me a lot in getting to know food, how it’s made, what it’s made of, what nutrients it provides my body. It also helped me understand that there are no "special" diets or shortcuts.

The only way to transform yourself is to radically change your lifestyle. Put this way it may sound drastic, but in reality, it is much simpler than you can imagine. In fact, when you see your body change into what you’ve always wanted, it is very difficult to go back.

When you know how the mechanisms of nutrition work, what is behind calories and macronutrients, it is impossible to go back to the bad habits of the past. What YAZIO gives you, if used in the right way, is awareness of your body, awareness of your mistakes and awareness of your path.

Asia’s Favorite Recipes

Tandoori Soup
Tandoori Soup
Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Chocolate Peanut Pancakes
Chocolate Peanut Pancakes
Lentil Dal with Rice
Lentil Dal with Rice

Did you have setbacks?

Honestly, I didn't have setbacks. I was so determined and so happy with the changes that I saw that I didn't even have a second of uncertainty. I never thought of giving up. Obviously, the path was long and slow, but I didn't want to go fast.

I knew that I could achieve what I wanted, but only if I had patience and only if I didn't get demoralized when I didn't see the weight go down on the scale.

In addition, through research, I immediately understood that the scale was only a tool I needed to monitor my changes over time, not an oracle that determined my mood based on the number I saw.

My advice to those who have setbacks is to not give up and not give the scale too much importance. It is normal to have plateaus. We aren’t machines and our bodies need time to adapt.

Asia lost 29 lb, her success story

What advice do you have for other users?

The first tip is to learn how to use YAZIO well. In fact, if you can understand how to set it up and how to enter meals in the right way, then you are already halfway there.

The second tip is to be patient and give your body time. Changes will come if you are doing things the right way.

The third tip is not to consider the path you are taking as a diet, but as a real lifestyle change. Seeing the benefits, it will be difficult to go back!!

The fourth tip is to do your research!!! Understanding how your body works and learning how food works, everything will be easier.

I would have a thousand other tips, but these are the most important ones in my opinion.

What are your future goals?

My current main goal is to increase my strength. Since I started with YAZIO, I have also started going to the gym. The weight room has become my passion, seeing my body form changing right there where I wanted, seeing the muscles improving, seeing the muscle tone increasing...

All of this has helped me a lot throughout my journey and I recommend to anyone who wants to become more toned and stronger to start lifting weights because they can bring your results to excellent levels. Obviously, training and nutrition are closely linked. YAZIO is really helping me monitor my calorie intake which, in order to increase strength and to grow mass, must be higher and denser.

Why do you want to tell your story?

It is important for others to know that everyone can do it, like I did it. Everyone is capable of it, everyone can do it. The important thing is to really want it, to be consistent and determined.

These are the only fundamental requirements when setting out on this path. It's not about having special skills. Everyone can achieve their goal and I hope that showing my journey can motivate anyone who thinks they can't do it. If that’s what you’re thinking, know that you are wrong. YOU CAN DO IT!

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