Petra’s Success Story

Petra lost 46 lb with YAZIO
-47 lb

Actually, I had already given up. I just couldn't look at pictures of myself anymore and started shopping for plus sizes online. This was my low point or, you could say, my highest point at 168 pounds!

Petra, 47
Goal: Lose Weight

168 lb


121 lb


5 ft 0 in


What do you find most difficult about reaching your goal?

Giving up my favorite food

Incorporating exercise into my daily routine

Feeling like I can't indulge anymore

Staying motivated when progress slows

Keeping an eye on my calories and nutrients


Why did you want to lose weight?

As long as I can remember, my weight was always fluctuating. My heaviest was during my pregnancy with 161 pounds. However, I was always able to bring my weight back to a tolerable level more or less. A few years ago, I had to have my uterus removed. After the operation, my weight started to steadily increase. Of course, I tried diet after diet, like eating one day and not the next or completely cutting carbs. Nothing worked, at least not long term. I blamed everything on menopause, which started earlier thanks to the operation, and the fact that I just couldn't control my hormone fluctuations.

"With YAZIO, losing and maintaining weight is really easy. I'm confident that it's a long-term solution."

Actually, I had already given up. I just couldn't look at pictures of myself anymore and started browsing for plus sizes online. My BMI also ruthlessly told me I was already obese! This was my lowest point or, you could say, my highest point at 168 pounds!
At the beginning of this year, I started a nutrition course that promised weight loss through eating. I registered for the course with little motivation. It couldn't hurt. What I didn't know and what I could have never imagined was that this course was the start of my new life.

What did you want to accomplish on your journey?

I had already had 3 knee operations and was still having knee pain climbing stairs or going downhill. I knew this was related to being overweight and my lack of exercise. I also couldn't get on my horse anymore without help, which just isn't okay for a rider. I wanted to finally fit back into the dress size I wanted or be able to ignore weight-loss ads without a second thought.

How did you reach your goals?

My weight-loss course showed me how important it is to eat regularly, preferably 3 times per day. I was also recommended to avoid snacking or pastries in the afternoon. By following a diet according to the nutritional pyramid that we're all so familiar with, I was able to supply my body with the essential macros (protein, carbs and fat) it needs.
If I had cravings for something sweet after that, I could enjoy it during one of my 3 meals. This helps to prevent cravings and I didn't feel like I was cutting anything out. That does mean, of course, cutting out things like eating chips while watching TV, which meant a ton of calories for me that I was eating without realizing. If I want a handful of chips or a piece of chocolate, I eat it after my dinner and the craving is satisfied.

Petra’s Tips

Set small milestones and reward yourself for achieving them.
Don't eat too little to ensure sustainable weight loss.
Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of vegetables and regularly consume all 3 macronutrients to avoid cravings.
Start with no more than 2–3 sustainable changes that you can consistently incorporate into your daily routine. Too many changes and you'll feel overwhelmed.
Treat yourself every now and then without feeling guilty.

In January, I also started going to the gym 2 times per week. I combined 45 minutes of cardio with strength training on the machines. My trips to the gym stopped in March because of Corona. To make up for it, I found an app that allowed me to do a variety of workouts at any level straight from home.
At first, I thought Corona was going to diminish my weight loss, but I quickly found that 12 weeks working from home without invitations or the possibility to go out and eat was by no means detrimental to my figure. Even better, I suddenly had a lot more time for myself and my workouts, which I easily accomplished 6 times per week. Consciously focusing on my diet and cooking healthily, this was the start of very sustainable changes for me.

Petra’s Favorite Recipes

Low-carb Crispy Chocolate Cereal
Low-carb Crispy Chocolate Cereal
Apple Sheet Cake
Apple Sheet Cake
Watermelon Feta Salad
Watermelon Feta Salad
Sesame Chicken with Rice & Broccoli
Sesame Chicken with Rice & Broccoli

How did YAZIO help you?

Of course, there were also days when my family wanted to make traditional, home-cooked meals. Uncertainty with my diet grew. How would roast pork with bacon or a chicken-fried steak fit into my plan? Am I already way over my calorie limit? I started eating less, so I wouldn't sabotage my progress. At some point, I hit a plateau and I could do anything I wanted, or better said, eat as little as I wanted, and my weight didn't budge.
I came across YAZIO through a recommendation on Facebook. I decided to download the app immediately not least because of the fantastic recipes. Through YAZIO, I discovered that I was eating way below my basal metabolic rate and, therefore, was slowing down my metabolism. Suddenly I realized that a fried dinner could fit into my calorie goal or that an extra piece of chocolate was also okay. I became increasingly more confident and learned through YAZIO that I could enjoy things in moderation. Even my husband started asking how many calories this or that had and learned to enjoy food more confidently and without feeling guilty.

Petra lost 46 lb, her success story

Did you have setbacks?

When I got down to my goal weight of 120 pounds, I switched my YAZIO goal to "maintain weight", reduced my workouts to 3 times per week and only randomly tracked my calories.
I quickly realized that this move was a bit too drastic. The weight started coming back, which frustrated me. So, I changed my behavior again and now I work out 4 times per week and track my calories very consistently. Luckily, I'm now able to maintain my desired weight.

What advice do you have for other users?

Feel free to send your questions my way, I'm happy to help with my experiences. One last tip: Whether you want to lose 30 pounds or 100, I recommend setting smaller milestones in between.
Write down what your reward will be, place it in an envelope and keep it somewhere you can see it. When you've, for example, dropped down below 210 pounds or you've lost another 10 pounds, you can treat yourself to a movie or a spa day. Open the envelope when you've reached your goal and enjoy your reward! This way you can ensure that your small milestones lead to big changes.

What are your future goals?

After reaching my goal weight, my next goal is to keep it off. Like I already said, YAZIO helps me to know how much I can eat without having a guilty conscience, especially with foods that are not as healthy. An additional goal of mine is to tone my body, particularly my stomach and thighs. If I happen to lose a few additional pounds in the process, I definitely wouldn't be upset.

Why do you want to tell your story?

Thanks to my "new" body and self-confidence, tons of people talk to me and ask how I did it. I can see how many people are unhappy with themselves and want to change something. It's actually really easy when you know how to stay consistent enough and patient. I'm very happy to pass on this knowledge if it can help make other people feel a new sense of self-worth.

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