Jasmin’s Success Story

Jasmin lost 26 lb with YAZIO
-27 lb

I had tried to lose weight several times, but I never stuck with it. I was always very slim, in a lot better shape, more active and less tired before I gained weight. I really wanted to get back to that.

Jasmin, 29
Goal: Lose Weight

148 lb


121 lb


5 ft 8 in


What do you find most difficult about reaching your goal?

Giving up my favorite food

Incorporating exercise into my daily routine

Feeling like I can't indulge anymore

Staying motivated when progress slows

Keeping an eye on my calories and nutrients


Why did you want to lose weight?

The end of my relationship was the start of my weigh-loss journey. Before then, I had tried to lose weight several times, but I never stuck with it. In my nearly 3-year relationship, I gained 20 pounds because I was simply eating way more than my non-existent activity level.

"You can, you want to, you will!"

I was always very slim, in a lot better shape, more active and less tired before I gained weight. I really wanted to get back to that.

What did you want to accomplish on your journey?

First and foremost, I wanted to get back down to the weight I was before my relationship and feel fitter and more productive in general. My job as a flight attendant also put my immune system to the test repeatedly.

How did you reach your goals?

I started cooking for myself and only cooking what I actually eat. What works best for me is 16:8 intermittent fasting. I eat my first meal, my breakfast, after noon and end my day with a warm dinner. Since I started that, I've been feeling much better!

Jasmin’s Tips

Be creative and have fun cooking and experimenting with food.
Prepare your own meals and think of the time you use to prepare it as "me time."
Don't put pressure on yourself or let others do the same.

I never cut out any foods either. I still occasionally eat things like pizza and burgers. I've simply gotten used to not snacking on the plane. I take my own food with me instead of eating plane food. I also started taking long walks, spending time outdoors, doing yoga and meditating, and have been active in my old dance group again for the last few months.

How did YAZIO help you?

I was able to talk to others in the community through the YAZIO Facebook Group. I've already been able to see so many fantastic success stories, have received so much advice and felt a sense of belonging within the group. With it, I didn't feel so alone in my problems. All of the recipes the app has, for pretty much any diet type, are also invaluable if you're unsure of what to eat.

Jasmin’s Favorite Recipes

Lemon Arugula Pasta Salad
Lemon Arugula Pasta Salad
Vegetable Rolls with Chicken & Avocado-Mustard Dip
Vegetable Rolls with Chicken & Avocado-Mustard Dip
Vegan Mac & Cheese
Vegan Mac & Cheese
Creamy Lentil Soup
Creamy Lentil Soup

Did you have setbacks?

Sometimes I wanted to see results too quickly and felt bad when my calorie count went into the red. During that time, I decided to take a break from counting calories to take some pressure off myself. Once the stress was gone, the number on the scale started to go down as well.

Jasmin lost 26 lb, her success story

What advice do you have for other users?

I think the most important thing is to not stress yourself out too much. It's better to take a good look at yourself, reflect and better understand the reason for your weight gain. Are there deeper reasons, fears, things you're compensating for by overeating? Or is it sometimes just laziness that keeps you from reaching your goal? In these cases, other methods such as mental training, talks with friends or family, or some kind of therapy can help. It's not difficult to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine, both mentally and physically.
I think if it's important to you and you understand the positive changes it has for your body and mind, it suddenly gets easier. I made the voice in my head a friend, not an enemy, and I spoke positively to myself. I also came to terms with my shortcomings, lack of consistency and laziness.

What are your future goals?

I still do 16:8 fasting and go for a walk almost every day. This way, I feel relaxed and am not putting any pressure on myself with my diet. It simply "works" and has become a part of my daily routine. I don't want to lose any more weight, I just want to maintain it. For this, I use the large selection of recipes and ideas from YAZIO.

Why do you want to tell your story?

The success stories from other users in the community really motivated me and I'm happy to be able to share my story now. On the one hand, I'd like to encourage others and show them they can also do it and that setbacks are normal. Nobody is perfect! On the other hand, I also wanted to recognize my accomplishments and be proud of myself for reaching and maintaining my goal.

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