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Maria, 21
Maria, 21
Wants to lose weight and feel happier

Reached her goal with YAZIO:

Lost 20 lbs sustainably in 6 months

YAZIO is super simple to use and extremely easy to handle. Plus, YAZIO has a huge database of foods. And if the food isn’t there yet, you can simply add it. With that, YAZIO makes counting my calories a breeze. Finally, no more annoying calculating. YAZIO does everything for me!

Daniel, 36
Daniel, 36
Wants to track his daily carb intake

Reached his goal with YAZIO:

Got a feel for his daily nutrition intake

With YAZIO I’ve finally got to know my eating habits. I was amazed at how many calories, carbohydrates and fats I was consuming every day. With YAZIO, I have a much better view of the calories and nutrients, and can be more conscious of what I’m eating. With the daily entry of sports and body weight, I can also document my progress really well!

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Weight Management with YAZIO

With the weight tracker app from YAZIO, you can document and ultimately control your body weight. Use the weight loss tracker to log your weight and see how your diet changes over time. By consistently entering and keeping track of your current weight, you’ll have your weight goal before your eyes, and can see your progress at any time. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, or put a few on, our weight tracker app will help keep you on the right path. And most importantly – our weight loss app is free!

What does our weight tracker app do?

Our online weight loss tracker for Android and iPhone helps you view your weight over time. Not only do you regularly enter your weight, but you can set a desired weight as well. Here, you can strive for a weight that is healthy for your age, height and sex. By doing so, you’re setting yourself up for realistic outcomes. Through our weight tracker, you can keep your weight goals in mind at any time, with a motivational reminder of what you’re working towards. With the weight loss app available for Android and iPhone, you’re able to access your weight tracker at any place and any time.

Lose weight through weight management

By regularly documenting your weight, you can see your weight loss progress in black and white. This is an important motivational factor, especially within the first few days of a diet. Our weight loss tracker app will provide you with graphical analysis of your weight over specific period of time, helping your better understand your weight loss. Plus, after the conclusion of a diet, the weight tracker can help you to maintain a specific weight. The weight loss app helps you to recognize weight gain faster, ensuring that you take the proper countermeasures. In essence, our online weight tracker helps you control your weight progress as well as identify existing weight problems.

Regular weight checks

In order to optimally see the success of a diet and its resulting changes, continuously logging your weight into the weight tracker is crucial. Keep in mind, however, that checking the scale should not be a daily activity. Body weight is repeatedly exposed to fluctuations. Monthly cycles, for example, particularly affect a women’s weight, while hormone-related fluctuations are common among men and adolescents.

We therefore advise only weighing yourself a few times a week. Ideally, you should weigh yourself on the same day and at the same time of day. In the morning before you eat breakfast is the ideal time of day to weigh yourself. Here, your body is in a bare state, and is in the best position to be assessed. Regularly weighing yourself in the same clothes can also make a significant change when it comes to weight control.

Reducing body fat

In addition to weight control, our free weight loss tracker can also help you document and monitor your body fat percentage. To do so, simply enter your body fat percentage into the weight loss tracker app. This allows you to identify changes of a long period of time. By entering a target fat percentage, you can also see the success and failure of a certain diet, as well as any changes taking place.

Essentially, a healthy body fat percentage is neither too high nor too low. For men under 20 years of age, a healthy percentage falls between 14 - 20 percent. Women of the same age should have a body fat between 17 - 24 percent. Alternatively, men that are over 30 will have a slightly higher body fat, usually between 17 - 23 percent, and women over thirty have a recommended value between 20 -27 percent.

Burning fat with muscle mass

Weight loss won’t just melt away those love handles, but it can reduce muscle mass as well. The breakdown of muscle mass should be kept as low as possible. After all, the more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn. In order to minimize this muscle degradation during weight loss, it’s important that the weight comes off slowly. To do so, you want to combine a healthy, balanced diet with both cardio and weight training. With the help of our weight tracker, you can better identify body fat percentages, and take the appropriate countermeasures if necessary. What’s more, our tracker even allows you to input other important measurements like blood pressure, blood sugar, and waist and hip circumferences. The tracking of weight and body fat, in addition to other important measurements, will not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle, but it will help lead to long-term weight loss success.