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Gummy fruits are not a nutrient-dense food – most of the calories come from simple sugars (carbs) and the protein content of gummy fruits is typically fairly low. The calorie counter for each item will show you the carbohydrate, fat, and protein content of various gummy fruits.

Sugar Content

When evaluating the nutritional value of gummy fruits, the sugar content is a key factor to consider. Even though some gummy fruits are marketed as being “sugar free,” they likely contain artificial sweeteners as an alternative to processed sugar. Artificial sweeteners can be just as damaging to your health as can the overconsumption of processed sugar. The rule to follow with gummy fruits is to enjoy them in moderation.

Sweetened with Fruit Juice

As an alternative to processed sugar, many gummy fruits are now being sweetened with fruit juice. This is particularly common in gummy fruits made with organic or all-natural ingredients. Fruit juice-sweetened gummy fruits still derive the majority of their calories from carbs, but those carbs come from natural sources rather than processed or artificial sweeteners.
The health benefits of gummy fruits vary greatly depending on the ingredients used to produce them. Refer to the calorie counter for your favorite gummy fruits to determine their nutritional value.

Gummy Fruits as Supplements

Not only can gummy fruits serve as a tasty treat, but they can also be useful as dietary supplements. While ordinary gummy fruits provide little nutritional value, gummy vitamins are fortified with various vitamins and minerals to boost your daily nutrition. Gummy fruits in supplement form are typically marketed for children who may have difficulty swallowing traditional dietary supplements in pill or tablet form. Refer to the calorie calculator for gummy fruit supplements to determine the nutritional value for each item.

Allergen-Free Ingredients

Many gummy fruits today can be made with allergen-free ingredients to accommodate individuals with certain dietary restrictions. For example, organic gummy fruits are often thickened with fruit juice or fruit pectin rather than gelatin or starch – this makes them not only gluten-free and starch-free, but also vegan- and vegetarian-friendly.