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Fast food tends to be high in calories and fat but low in nutritional value. Refer to the calorie calculator for your favorite fast food items to determine the calories and nutritional information.

High in Calories

Many fast food chain restaurants have begun to post the calorie information for their items on the menu. Still, many people refuse to believe that their favorite menu items contain nearly an entire day’s worth of calories, not to mention high levels of carbohydrate and fat. For example, Wendy’s 3/4lb. Triple Burger clocks in at nearly 1,100 calories and Burger King’s Triple Whopper with Cheese has over 1,200 calories. Even beverages pack in the calories – Sonic’s Peanut Butter Caramel Pie Malt has nearly 2,200 calories for a large.

Low Nutritional Value

Depending on what you order, most fast food menu items are high in carbs, calories and fat, but are relatively low in protein, vitamins and minerals. When most of the calories in food come from fat and there are few other nutrients to offset the balance, then that food is said to have low nutritional value. It is okay to indulge in these foods once in a while, but building a diet around fast food will not have healthy results.
The term “fast food” is rarely used in the same sentence as “health” because it typically does more harm for your body than good. Refer to the calorie chart for your favorite fast food items to determine the calories and nutritional information.

Increased Risk for Heart Disease

Fast food is often loaded with trans fats in the form of partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils. While these oils are touted as being “cholesterol-free,” that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Trans fats are just as bad for your cholesterol as saturated fats like lard and tallow – they may even be worse. The high fat and calorie content of most fast foods make them a double-edged sword for your heart. Overconsumption of fast food has been linked to high cholesterol levels and an increased risk for heart disease and stroke.

Weight Gain and Obesity

Unless you order a salad with grilled chicken, almost anything you order off a fast food menu is going to be high in calories and fat. Even a plain burger with cheese typically adds up to over 300 calories, and if you add fries, you’re adding another few hundred calories. The key to weight loss is to consume fewer calories than you burn. If you eat fast food on a regular basis, you are going to have a hard time doing so. Many studies have shown that regular consumption of fast food is often connected to weight gain and obesity.