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The nutrition facts for appetizers vary greatly depending on the particular item you are considering. For example, chips and dip might have more carbs and calories than a salad appetizer. In this section you will find a breakdown of vitamin, mineral, and calorie content using the convenient calorie counter provided.

Healthy Appetizers

If you peruse the menu at your favorite restaurant you are likely to see a wide selection of appetizers that are battered and fried. These items are fine to enjoy in moderation, but keep in mind that they are fairly high in carbs and fats. Consider a healthier appetizer if you are planning an indulgent meal – something like a Caprese salad, fresh bruschetta on whole wheat toast, or even a selection of fresh fruit.

Minding Your Portions

As is true with any full-sized meal, it is important to mind your portion sizes when enjoying appetizers. Refer to the calorie calculator for each item in this chapter to determine its calorie, carbohydrate, fat, and protein content as well as the portion size. Do not feel like you need to fill up on appetizers – a few bites may be all you need to enjoy the flavor while leaving room for your meal that is to follow.
The health benefits of appetizers vary according to the type of appetizer you choose – refer to the calorie calculator for each item to determine its protein, carbohydrate and fat content along with its vitamin and mineral content.

Reducing Your Hunger

If you do it right, enjoying an appetizer before your meal may actually help you to eat less of your entrée. The key is to keep your appetizer small and to give your body time to digest before moving on to your entrée. If you have a tendency to eat quickly, you may end up overeating by the time your body registers the fact that you are no longer hungry. Eating a small appetizer before your meal might help your body to catch up.

Fortifying Your Meal

If you know that your meal is going to be indulgent or unhealthy, you can use an appetizer as a means of “fortifying” your meal. Balance an unhealthy entrée with a healthy appetizer to ensure that you still get the right amount of carbohydrate, fats and protein from your meal. For example, if you are enjoying a cheeseburger for dinner, consider a vegetable salad or soup as an appetizer.