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With a nutrition calculator, there are so many things to discover about your daily diet. With the Calorie Calculator from YAZIO, the possibilities are endless. Choose from thousands of foods in our extensive database to better understand your daily eating habits, calculate the calories you burn through daily sports and activities, and calculate the daily calories your body needs for your particular lifestyle. If you’ve been looking for a calorie calculator that does it all, look no further!

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Calorie Calculator for Foods

Looking for a nutrition calculator that meets all of your health goal needs? With the free, online Calorie Calculator from YAZIO, you’ll have access to an extensive food database, making it fast and easy to track your calorie consumption and break down the nutritional values in your daily diet. Our calorie calculator provides you with the essential information you need for all of your daily foods and branded products from the grocery store. Simply use the YAZIO search to find the item, click on the desired food, and choose a serving size. Not only will our calorie calculator tell you the caloric value of a certain item, but it’ll break down its nutritional values into fats, carbohydrates and proteins, displaying them in easy-to-read pie charts.

With our app, we believe simplicity is key. Therefore, we’ve made sure to make the calorie calculator as user-friendly as possibly, showing only the most important information for each portion, such as overall calorie count and nutritional values. In addition to the nutritional break down into fats, carbs and proteins, our nutrition calculator takes it one step further. Depending on the item, you will also receive information on other nutrient content like fat, sugar, fiber, salt, alcohol, cholesterol and even water content. Vitamins and minerals are also included.

Our Calorie Calculator App

With our calorie calculator, not only are you getting a calorie table, but you’re getting a calorie counter as well. The program makes it simple to document and count all of the calories you’re consuming. This not only helps you accomplish your weight loss goals, but it will help you keep the weight off, too! Our calorie counter is available for free in the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain weight, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about your personal diet, from caloric intake and nutrient distribution of the foods you eat, to your development and progress.

Not only is the calorie calculator practical, but it’s also easy to use! Our program will remember your favorite foods, allow you to create meals, and will keep track of your logged sports activities. In addition, we’ll display your data in several different diagrams, helping you to better understand and evaluate your daily progress.

Calorie Calculator for Sport

If you’re looking to lose weight, food isn’t the only essential element to keep track of. You must also considerate your daily activities and sports. The YAZIO Calorie Calculator includes more than 200 sports and leisure activities for you to choose from. Whether you’re walking the dog, jogging, swimming, or even body building, our calorie calculator for exercise will tell you how many calories you burned during any activity. For personalized results we ask you to enter your gender, age height and weight, so we can better calculate your daily results.

So, what makes activities so important when calculating your calories, and why do you need a calculator in the first place? It’s simple. We’re all different, and will burn calories at a different rate depending on our body types. By entering the personalized information we request, we can calculate a much more accurate calorie count for you, making it simple and fast to see just how many calories you’re burning and what role it plays in your daily calorie count.

Calorie calculator for your daily needs

Regardless of your weight loss goals, if you’re looking for a nutrition calculator to help calculate your daily needs, YAZIO is right for you! Similarly to calculating the calories burned in sport, we gather personalized information from you, like your age, gender, height and weight, to help calculate the necessary amount of calories you should be consuming per day. In addition, we incorporate your daily activeness, to help achieve a much more personalized and accurate consumption need.

Not only do we calculate your daily needed calories with our calorie calculator, but we also include the essential factor of BMR, or the amount of calories your body burns when inactive. Again, this changes with every individual. While energy demand is considerably low for individuals who are unable to be physically active, those who have more active lifestyles must take into account the extra calories needed. An office job will raise the calorie needs for the day, and those who have physical labor jobs may require even double the calorie needs. With our calorie calculator, you’ll be able to calculate these differences, and give your bodies the calories it needs to be at its best for the day!