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Hard cheese is a food that is high in fats, low in carbs, and provides a modest amount of protein. It is also a good source of several important vitamins and minerals. Refer to the calorie calculator for hard cheese to determine its nutritional value.

Rich in Calcium

Because hard cheese is a dairy product made from milk, it is a very good source of calcium. Calcium is one of nutrients that is most likely to be found lacking in the American diet, so eating hard cheese in moderation can help to boost your calcium intake. Calcium is crucial for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth, especially in developing children. It may also help to boost your metabolism, encouraging your body to burn more fat.

Saturated Fat Content

If you refer to the calorie counter for hard cheese, you will notice that it is high in fats and that most of that fat is saturated. Though there has been a great deal of controversy regarding the dangers of a diet high in saturated fats, recent studies suggest that saturated fat has less of an impact on the risk for heart disease than previously thought. Saturated fats from hard cheese (as opposed to processed cheeses) are unlikely to have a significant impact on heart health.
Because hard cheese is high in fats and low in carbs, you may be tempted to think that it is unhealthy. While hard cheese is high in calories, it also provides a number of significant health benefits which makes it beneficial to enjoy in moderation.

Improved Bone Health

Hard cheese contains a number of nutrients that can contribute to improved bone health. Because hard cheese is a dairy product derived from milk, it has a high quantity of calcium – calcium is required to grow and maintain healthy bones and teeth. It is also worth noting that hard cheese is rich in vitamin B, the vitamin which helps the body to absorb and utilize calcium. Including calcium in your diet is important for preventing osteoporosis.

Balanced Nutrition

Hard cheese is known for being a fairly nutrient-dense food. Though it may be high in calories, it is also a good source of several essential vitamins and minerals which are important for balanced nutrition. For example, hard cheese contains a number of high-quality proteins as well as vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, vitamin A, and zinc.