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Smoked fish is an excellent source of both protein and omega-3 fats. Refer to the calorie counter below to determine the calories and nutritional information in your favorite smoked fish.

Source of Omega-3

Like fresh fish, smoked fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fats are known for providing a number of health benefits including improved blood clotting and vessel constriction, reduced tissue inflammation, relief from rheumatoid arthritis, and reduced depression and mental decline in aging individuals. Oily smoked fish like mackerel, sardines, cod, and salmon are particularly rich in omega-3 fats.

Low-Calorie Protein

One of the main nutritional benefits of smoked fish is that it is a lean source of protein. Smoked fish is high in protein and healthy fats while being low in carbohydrates – it also provides some vitamins and minerals like selenium, potassium, B vitamins, zinc, and iodine. A four-ounce serving of smoked fish generally has about 20 grams of protein, or more.
Though smoked fish provides good nutritional value, there are some health disadvantages associated with eating it. Refer to the calorie calculator below to determine the calories and nutritional information in your favorite smoked fish.

Parasite Contamination

While smoke fish is a great source of nutrition, there are certain risks associated with it. Unfortunately, smoked fish has a fairly high risk for food poisoning because it is prone to contamination by bacteria and parasites. Though the parasites that may be found in smoked fish are generally unlikely to cause serious disease, they can lead to significant intestinal distress and discomfort.

Risk for Cancer

Smoked fish tends to contain elevated levels of both nitrites and nitrates – these are byproducts of the process used to smoke the fish. These chemicals have been associated with an increased risk for developing stomach cancer. Eating smoked fish on occasion is not harmful but regularly consuming smoked fish may increase your risk for developing stomach cancer.