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The nutritional value of dietary and nutritional supplements varies from one type to another – some deliver a specific vitamin or mineral while others deliver a combination of several. Check the calorie counter below for the calorie, fats, and protein content as well as other nutritional information about dietary and nutritional supplements.

Filling in the Gaps

Many people take a daily multivitamin. In many cases, those same people follow a healthy diet but they take dietary and nutritional supplements to fill in the gaps in their nutrition. It can be difficult to keep track of the type and amount of food you eat each and every day, so many people do not have a good idea whether or not they are reaching their daily recommended values for certain vitamins and minerals. Taking a dietary and nutritional supplement can help make sure that you do.

Targeted Nutrition

Rather than taking a multivitamin, many people take specific dietary and nutritional supplements for a certain type or group of nutrients. If you know that your diet is deficient in a certain nutrient – say calcium – you can easily boost your daily intake by taking a calcium supplement. Certain medical conditions are caused by or result in deficiencies of various nutrients and dietary & nutritional supplements are an easy way to remedy the problem.
The health advantages provided by dietary and nutritional supplements vary from one type to another. Check the calorie calculator below for nutritional information about dietary and nutritional supplements.

More Balanced Nutrition

If you do not follow a healthy diet, or if you follow a certain type of diet that tends to be deficient in certain nutrients, taking daily dietary and nutritional supplements can help to round out your nutrition. For example, vegans and vegetarians sometimes have difficulty getting enough protein in their diet – taking daily protein supplements can help to make sure they meet their daily recommended intake. Individuals who general do not follow healthy eating practices may be able to fill in some of the gaps in their nutrition by taking daily dietary and nutritional supplements.

Reduced Absorption and Usability

While taking daily dietary and nutritional supplements can be a good way to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals, it is by no means a substitute for the real thing. The vitamins and minerals in dietary and nutritional supplements are not as easily absorbed or utilized by your body than the same nutrients would be if consumed in the form of whole foods. Taking dietary and nutritional supplements to improve your nutrition is a good thing, but you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to follow an unhealthy diet.