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Mushrooms are a low-calorie food that can be eaten cooked or raw to add flavor and nutrition to a variety of dishes. Check the calorie counter below for nutritional information about mushrooms.

Low in Calories

If you are looking for a flavorful but low-calorie food to add to your favorite dish, mushrooms are a great option. A 100 gram serving of mushrooms only contains about 22 calories as well as 4.3 grams of carbs, 2.5 grams of protein, and 0.1 grams of fats. The carbohydrate content of mushrooms is not significant enough to make them a high-carb food. Mushrooms are a great option if you want to bulk up a healthy dish without adding too many calories.

Vitamin D Content

Mushrooms are the only food source of Vitamin D – the only other way to get it is through exposure to sunlight. Not all mushrooms contain Vitamin D, however, they must be treated with UV light or exposed to sunlight during growth. Vitamin D is an important mineral for the human body because it helps you to absorb other nutrients such as calcium, iron, and magnesium.
Though mushrooms may not seem like a very substantial food, they actually provide some significant health benefits. Not only are they nutrient-dense, but they are very high in antioxidants. Check the calorie calculator below for nutritional information about mushrooms.

Nutrient-Dense Food

Mushrooms provide many of the same nutritional benefits as vegetables which is why they are often placed in that food group. You may be surprised to learn that mushrooms also have many of the same nutritional attributes you would find in meat and beans. Not only are mushrooms low in calories but they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, selenium, niacin, vitamin D, riboflavin and others.

Source of Antioxidants

Mushrooms are one of the highest food sources of the antioxidant selenium. Antioxidants are very important in the body – they help to protect your cells against the type of damage that tends to lead to chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The antioxidants found in mushrooms may also help to strengthen your immune system.