Patatas fritas y chips: tabla de calorías

Patatas fritas y chips

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The nutritional value of chips varies greatly depending not only on the ingredients used but also the preparation method. For example, chips that are fried will be higher in fat than chips that are baked. Consult the calorie calculator for your favorite chips to determine their nutritional value.

Fried vs. Baked

When it comes to preparation methods for chips, the two most common methods are frying and baking. While oven-baked chips are not necessarily “healthy,” they are a healthier option than fried chips. Oven-baked chips have a lower fat content and may also have a higher concentration of certain vitamins and minerals. For example, oven-baked potato chips are higher in potassium than fried potato chips. Making oven-baked chips at home is a simple way to ensure that your chips are as healthy as they can be.

Fat Content

The fat content of chips varies depending on several factors. The first factor is, of course, the ingredients used to make the chips. Foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn derive most of their calories from carbs rather than fat or protein. The preparation method used to prepare these foods, however, has the potential to add a lot of fat. Many commercial potato chips are fried in oil which greatly increases the fat content. If you want to limit your fat consumption, consider switching to oven-baked chips.
Chips are generally not considered to be a “healthy” food, but certain ingredients and preparation methods can mitigate the negative health impact of chips. For example, baking rather than frying chips reduces the fat content and choosing vegetable chips over potato chips can reduce the calories and increase the nutritional value. Consult the calorie counter for your favorite chips to determine their calories and nutritional value.

Increased Carb Cravings

Studies have shown that consuming high-glycemic and high-carbohydrate foods have the potential to cause cravings. Chips are very high in carbs which can be broken down in the body into simple sugars like glucose. Eating a large amount of this type of food can cause a spike in blood sugar levels and a subsequent drop which leads to increased carb cravings. Eating chips in moderation is perfectly fine, but be wary of sitting down with the whole bag – it is better to portion out a serving into a bowl so you do not end up overeating.

Vegetable Chips for Better Nutrition

Rather than reaching for a bag of greasy fried potato chips, consider a bag of oven-baked vegetable chips. Vegetable chips can be made from sweet potatoes, beets, taro, parsnips and other veggies that do less damage than potato chips. As an added bonus, vegetable chips often contain more protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals than commercial potato chips.